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Events and Tickets: Find out about any upcoming C2D1 Experience events and reserve your spot by visiting the reservations page.

An Overview
:  For those who love true hauntings, this experience features the C2D1 Haunting dorm room set from the award winning film Please Talk With Me, painstakingly rebuilt with items from the actual haunting! We are proud and thankful that special events will often feature presentations by those who underwent the haunting! (Learn more about the C2D1 Haunting)

What to Expect
:  Each event is hosted by J. Jeff Ungar who wrote the famed "C2D1 Haunting Journal Notes" during the extreme phenomena that focused on his best friend Chris DiCesare (author of Surviving Evidence).  J.Jeff's notes later became integral to several productions related to C2D1 including the popularly received SyFy program and the PTWM movie which recreate what they went through. Now the film set has been rebuilt in The C2D1 Experience -- owing a significant portion of its authenticity to Jeff's remarkable notes!

Some Details
:  The C2D1 Experience is located at Jeff's residence and book archives in State College, PA -- less than three miles from Penn State's gorgeous campus.  All reservations include a screening of PTWM followed by a Q&A with J. Jeff Ungar and the director of PTWM: Mara Katria (awarded Best Director and Best Feature during its festival run). Guests will also receive: an interactive tour of the set and a light dinner.  Those staying overnight will have the option to stay in a guest-room or (for the brave) to sleep in the actual C2D1 Haunting movie set!  Breakfast items will be available in the morning.  NOTE! There are also special events featuring celebrities, paranormal experts, and survivors like Chris DiCesare who can be seen on SyFy and in lectures across the country. He gave an incredible presentation at the May 10th event!  Check the reservations page for vacancy and options.


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